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accessFind was built with the disability communities to highlight accessible websites

accessFind shows accessible websites, added by the public, for everyone to discover products and services faster and easier.

The Web Accessibility Gap

When looking for services, products, or information online, most people use a search engine. But since less than 3% of websites are accessible to people with disabilities, the chances of the disability communities finding accessible search results are slim to none.

The result? We now have a colossal accessibility gap that denies people with disabilities from experiencing opportunities and options just like everyone else.

The Solution

Hundreds of thousands of accessible websites exist, which is a drop in the ocean compared to the hundreds of millions of inaccessible websites on the internet. With this evolving product, we bring to light the significant amount of services, products, and information accessible to everyone. accessFind is a growing index that leads everyone toward accessible websites uncovered for them every day.

The only way to bridge the web accessibility gap is by working together

  • accessiBe

    accessiBe is committed to bridging the accessibility gap by developing high-tech solutions that make web accessibility more simple and affordable, While raising awareness and educating businesses

  • Disability-focused organizations

    Organizations serving disability communities are the heart and soul of influencing solutions to address the accessibility gap. These life-changing organizations drive the need, vision, features and solutions.

  • The business community

    Businesses must learn about the importance of accessibility and inclusion. By making their online presence accessible, businesses can reach untapped customers and engage new repeat customers into the future.

Join accessFind's founding members

For accessFind to succeed, it needs the direct help and guidance of disability communities. That’s why accessFind was built from the get-go with the support of the most influential disability-focused organizations.
  • Have a seat at the table, participate in the decision-making process, and drive accessFind’s initiatives and projects
  • Represent your community, share voices within, contribute feedback, and spread the word
  • Have a spotlight on your organization and be featured in accessFind promotions, assets, and materials

accessiBe’s Vision

accessFind is powered by accessiBe, the market leader in web accessibility, providing an ecosystem of solutions for any business. accessiBe’s vision is to make the internet accessible and inclusive

Frequently Asked Questions

Let accessFind point you in the direction of a wide variety of accessible products, services, and information
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    What’s accessFind?

    accessFind is an index of accessible websites. It is a nonprofit initiative created for the disability communities, by the community, together with accessiBe. The index offers the standard search experience but with accessible website results only, for products, services, or information.

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    What’s the challenge accessFind aims to address?

    When looking for items online, we generally use a search engine. But since less than 3% of websites are accessible to people with disabilities, the chances of finding accessible search results are low. This results in a lot of frustration and closes many people with disabilities off from so many websites.

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    How can I get involved?

    accessFind was created for the community, by the community. It is currently in a Beta phase and we welcome ALL feedback to make accessFind useful for everyone. We invite you to make this index as useful for you as possible by adding your favorite websites and sending us any feedback you have. You can do this by clicking on List a Website and Contact Us in the dropdown menu.

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    How does accessFind work?

    accessFind is a search index so websites need to be listed and then audited to be included. Websites are audited by accessScan or other tools. Users who search the index will be provided with results relevant to their search determined by match to the query, geolocations, typos etc. The tool continues to be developed and results’ relevance will continue to improve over time.

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    Who checks the websites’ accessibility status?

    In order to be included in the index, a website’s accessibility is checked by accessScan or other tools. Websites’ accessibility status will then be re-checked at least once a quarter. Users are also invited to report websites that are no longer accessible, by clicking on the ‘report a problem’ link on the bottom right-hand side of a listing.

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    How many websites are included in accessFind?

    There are currently more than 230,000 websites on accessFind and together we can keep adding to it and make that number grow.